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The somebody behind NOBODY is a young human from the nonexistent land of Wyoming. NOBODY would consider themselves a number of things: a poet, a storyteller, a visual artist, and an adrenaline junky--to name a few.


Writing is ultimately their passion, though they've developed a deep appreciation for all art forms and have been ardently learning the visual side of things. Their ultimate goal in life is to write and produce their own cartoon for a major network, ideally [adultswim]. The bulk of their non-cartoon related work, however, has been dedicated to capturing the human condition; they strive to illustrate the peaks and valleys of human experience, as well as the boundless limits of consciousness.  Their own life has had no shortage of trials and tribulations, though they believe existence is ultimately beautiful. They aspire to capture and share some of this beauty, in all of its glorious ugliness.

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