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War of the Currents.png

"War of the Currents" Photoshop, 2021. 

"god is presence" Procreate, 2022

Final COllage.png

"Beauty in the Struggle" Photoshop, Procreate, Illustrator, Inktense Pencils, Charcoal, 2021

"Spirit" Procreate, 2021

The Space Anarchist encounters the order

"The Space Anarchist Encounters the Order of Dog" Procreate, 2020. 

Final Image Filter.jpg
Law of Dog.png

"Entering Death" Photoshop, 2019.

Pick Your Paradise Altered.png

"Pick your Paradise" Photoshop and Illustrator, 2019. 

"Law of Dog," Procreate, 2020. 

Kaitie's Present.jpg

"The Cosmic Love of Kat and Dyl," Photoshop and Illustrator, 2020. 


"She Who Became Tree" Procreate, 2020. 


"BUBBL3 BL0W'N Ne0n ic0N" Procreate, 2020. 

Hunter S .jpg

"Hunter S." Procreate, 2018.


"Meditation Tunnel" Procreate, 2019.

Becoming The Source.jpg

"Becoming the Source" Procreate, 2019.

Smack Milla.jpg

"Mac and Thundercat" Procreate, 2018.

Sunny's vortex.jpg

""The Natural Vortex" Photoshop, 2019.


"Watercolor Rick Bitch" Procreate, 2018.

Swimming Light.jpg
Knowing Skull.jpg

"Swimming Light" Procreate, 2019.


"Elon's Escape" Photoshop, 2017.

"Knowing Skull" Procreate, 2019.

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