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11/7: What are we?

So the other night I had a conversation with my buddy, whom, ironically, I've called God since we were 14. God and I discussed the nature of existence, which is generally where our conversations tend to end up, and I really enjoyed his most recent take on things. I thought I'd share it here:

So, let's assume the multiverse is a massive web of vibrating energy, and that that energy is consciousness. This infinite web that composes the collective conscious one might think of as "God." If the entire multiverse is God in totality, then a single universe can be conceived as a limb or the torso of God. A galaxy, then, would be an organ within that torso. A single solar system would be the tissue that composes that organ, and a planet would be a cell within that tissue. Beneath that are the organelles of the cell--and that's us.

Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells that are in their own right conscious and autonomous and alive, and even though we wouldn't consider their consciousnesses a part of our own, they are pivotal in the facilitation of our consciousness; without these trillions of microconsciousnesses, we would die and our own consciousness would fail. We are essentially microconsciousnesses in the scheme of the Earth, which is itself a microconsciousness in the scheme of the solar system, and so on and so forth upwards towards the multiverse. But don't feel too small. Without the multiverse's minuscule consciousnesses, the consciousness of the collective would fail and die. Tiny as we are, we are an essential piece of God itself.

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