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Oh! Christmas Tree
In this piece I try to spread some holiday cheer with a little animatic I created. All drawings, sound effects, and editing by yours truly.
Created with Procreate, Storyboard Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Photoshop

The Absurdity of Violence
In this piece I seek to illustrate violence's cyclical nature through visual repetition, and the absurdity of trying to employ it as a tool for peace via the transformation to a bizzare alternate reality that takes place about two thirds through the video.
Created with Procreate, Photshop, and After Effects

Original Music by Donicio Trujillo (IG: @doniciot)

Death By Meditation
Can meditation be an access point to the afterlife realms, and if so what would that look like?
Created with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Procreate, and Blender.

Original Music by LeZoZo (Soundcloud: LeZoZo)

The Prices We Pay
My very first short film, constructed with some near and dear friends.
Made with After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Audition.

Original Music by Donicio Trujillo (IG: @doniciot)

Strange Forest Deity
A strange entity surrounded by strange plants holding a strange object
Created with Blender, Sculptris, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

Original Music by Donicio Trujillo (IG: @doniciot)

String Theory Coder

What lies at at the center of the 10th dimension? Probably this four-faced antlered godhead.

Created with Blender, Sculptris, and Premiere Pro.

Audio Tunnel

A little world I created to display my art. It's VR compatible, and looks a million times better inside of the headset. Still, this is pretty sick. SOUND UP!!! 

Kundalini Death Release

An animation I created using a 3D-modeled skull, dragon, and landscape in Cinema4D, which I then imported into TouchDesigner.

Human Soup

My first little spin with After Effects. Shoutout to the brilliant Voyager360360 for the AMAZING geometric visuals I pulled from his page, which can be found at .

A little how-to guide on my favorite ways to meditate. Music by CaliberBeats:

Chakra Spinning/Breathing Breakthrough
A nice little animation to relax and breathe in some love to.

Featured artwork: Collective Vision by Alex Grey
Featured Music: Psilocybin (Love in Full Effect) by Jhene Aiko [feat. Dr. Chill]

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